A Letter to My Boy on The First Day of First Grade

A Letter to My Boy on The First Day of First Grade

Dear Son,

This morning I squeezed your hand and hugged you tight as I watched you walk into your classroom.  I know you were nervous to be at a new school with new faces, but your confidence reminded me how much I learn from you every single day. I’m glad you couldn’t see my tears from behind my sunglasses, because I was trying to put on a brave face for you.

I can remember my first grade teacher and classroom, so cannot fathom how you can possibly be there now.  You are ready to learn about the world, new languages and mature just as I did when I was your age.

While you are there I will worry if you are eating your lunch and making friends, but I won’t tell you, as I want you to develop your own sense of responsibility and decision-making.

Each day you are growing older, kinder and wiser and each day I will step back a little more to allow you to be the boy you are destined to be.

But remember, I am always your mother and always available for a hug, a cuddle or to answer any of the thousands of questions your brain seems to come up with every day.

I know I should relish my free time while you are away, but I will watch the clock until 3:15 when I can pick you up and hear every detail about this new chapter of your life.

I love you.



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