Indian Boundary Park: A Community Treasure

Indian Boundary Park: A Community Treasure

At the beginning of the summer I introduced a new series, Breaking Down Chicago Parks One by One. My daughter and I are visiting a different park in the city of Chicago each week and sharing the good, bad and parking situation of each playground. The past weeks we explored Welles Park, Adam’s PlaygroundHolstein Park and Berger Park. This week we headed to Indian Boundary Park in West Roger’s Park.

Tucked away we found a community treasure—Indian Boundary Park and Cultural Center. Beyond the quaint Tudor-style field house that is temporarily closed, visitors can discover a beautifully restored, duck-filled lagoon, a small public zoo area with goats, sheep, chickens and ducks, a children’s spray pool, sandbox, and four tennis courts.

Sadly the Cultural Center is closed due to a fire earlier this year, but the park is open.   Neighbors of Chicago’s Indian Boundary Park vowed to rebuild after an extra-alarm blaze severely damaged the park’s landmark fieldhouse.

This is the first playground we visited that had an “old school” playground.  The elaborate structure is made of wood and the grounds are filled with wood chips. While not as safe and modern, there is something about the authenticity and room for creativity in this playground.  My daughter could not get enough of the “tired” swing and I could imagine my son would love the tunnels, bridges and poles.

The Good: Beautiful space and unusual playground.

The Bad: The small public zoo only consisted of chickens while we were there.

The Parking: Easy street parking off of Lunt. A few blocks from Western CTA bus stop.

Indian Boundary Park

2500 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago IL 60645

Next week we are heading downtown to visit Ward A. Montgomery Park.

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