How does a stay-at-home-mom answer, "What do you do for a living?"

How does a stay-at-home-mom answer, "What do you do for a living?"

This past weekend my family attended a New Member’s Reception at our newly joined synagogue.  Without going into too much detail about our decision to join, I will say it felt really good, after a busy week, to be together as a family in a media free, beautiful and spiritual building.

Our curious kids asked some hard to answer questions involving God and why they can’t see him.  I wonder why this topic is never broached in the millions of parenting books out there.

I am thankful that many friendly people came up to us, the white sheep in the bunch, to introduce themselves.  I felt welcome and comfortable, which is important for a somewhat shy girl like me.  But, there is one question they all ask that I try to dance around.

After we politely say our names and where we live the question never fails to pop into the conversation.

“What do you do for a living?”

I try to divert the attention away from myself and then when there is no corner to back into I choose one of many answers.

“I take care of my kids.”

“I’m a yoga teacher.”

“I used to be in advertising, but am taking time off to raise my children.”

“I’m a blogger/writer.”

“I do laundry.”

I’m never sure what to answer and I wonder if your job really defines you?  Yes, it helps to explain something about how you spend a large majority of your day, but am I the only one that feels slightly offended?

Everyday I am grateful I have the opportunity to be with my children every minute of their early years.  I’ve been there for every milestone, illness and tantrum and I wouldn’t trade it to sit behind any desk.

Is it normal to feel somewhat inferior or unworthy surrounded by hard working professionals?

How do you handle the what do you do question?

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