Are you an over sharer or an under sharer?

Are you an over sharer or an under sharer?
Photo taken by my six year old son (see finger in corner).

It is dark and rainy, the windows are open and the air conditioning is finally turned off after months of over exertion.  I’m reflecting and taking inventory on my life, as I know my birthday is looming around the corner.

I’ve been listening to the words of my yoga teachers and have noticed the word truth repeated frequently. I’m honest with myself, but how open am I with others?

There are two types of people in the world: the over sharer and the under sharer.

I am definitely not an over sharer, but I do enjoy spending time with them. As long as they are respectful, the ones that are good story tellers and pause to listen to allow you to share and react.  (I’ve had my experience with the ones that talk for for hours without allowing any room for conversation).

I am an under sharer for a few reasons.  Mainly I don’t want to burden others with my petty problems. But, also I don’t always know how to bring it up.

“How are you?” I hear many times throughout every day.

“Good” is my standard answer that I don’t even think about before automatically responding.

What would happen if I answered, “Tired” or “Sad” or “Frustrated?”

I hear my teacher saying to speak the truth.  Why should I say I’m feeling good if I’m not?

So for now on I am going to try to be an over sharer.

Are you an over sharer or an under sharer?


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