I Completed P90X: Ninety Days of Exercise

I Completed P90X: Ninety Days of Exercise
Top: Day 1 Bottom: Day 90. Do you see a difference?

Three months ago my husband and I jumped out of our comfort zone and began P90X.  We dedicated to ninety days of intense workouts and have seen and noticed changes in our bodies, minds and motivation.

As a reminder, here are my results at Day 15, Day 45 and Day 75. 

Towards the end, life seemed to get busier with vacation and late summer evenings that a few workouts were sadly skipped.  Nonetheless we committed and accomplished it.  It never gets old, the feeling of following an idea to completion.

That being said, there was no big reveal moment that I expected would happen after three months.  We don’t look like the bulked up body builders in the P90X advertisements, but we look better than we did ninety days ago.

As far as on the dreaded scale, I did lose about 10 pounds but I have been very conscious of everything I put in my mouth. It seems if I eat anything besides a vegetable, I gain weight.

I’m hoping to keep the habit and have started following the P90X Lean Program.  It seems, dare I say easier?  Core Synergetics and Cardio X are short, manageable workouts, yet I am still sweating by the end.

My husband’s results didn’t show on the scale, but many new muscles have erupted from his arms and back.  He said it is the most consecutive exercise he has done in the past ten years, which I consider a major accomplishment.

I’m glad we embarked on this journey back in April. What should I try next?


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