Guest Post: Healthy Breakfast Options

Guest Post: Healthy Breakfast Options






Today I’m pleased to welcome Guest Blogger Kate sharing her ideas for starting the day with a filling and vitamin rich meal that even the little ones will gobble up.


Hi Ups and Downs Yoga Mom readers!  My name is Kate and I am the blogger behind What Kate Ate and Naneraday, healthy living blogs that follow my life as I try to create recipes with fresh, natural ingredients, stay active, and enjoy life’s ride with my brand spankin’ new husband out here in the ‘burbs.
When I saw Beth’s tweet for guest bloggers, I knew that I wanted to participate so I decided since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and Beth has kids, I did a combo deal and put together two balanced kid friendly breakfast options.  Get ready to check protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats right off your to-do list.

PBJNWafflelich – Two toasted whole wheat waffles topped with peanut butter, jelly, banana slices and a sprinkle of chia or flax seeds.  Shhhh, they’ll never know their there.

             Oats in a Jar – Fill an empty peanut butter jar with oatmeal and your favorite toppings.  I like adding non fat Greek yogurt, banana slices, and                  nuts.  Something about eating breakfast out of a jar and not a bowl makes it fun!

Hope you enjoy these easy healthy breakfast options.  What do you eat to start your day with energy?



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  • Ooooh, this looks yummy! I have all the ingredients in my pantry, just need to put them together! Would there be room for a little dab of Nutella?
    ;) -elizabeth

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    Looks interesting. I hope that all of the ingredients are organic, because no matter how healthy a meal is, it's not really good for you if it is Genetically Modified (GMO). A proper Organic Diet should be included in everyones diet.

  • A dab of Nutella never hurt, Beth :)

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