Can You Be Social and Eat Healthy?

Can You Be Social and Eat Healthy?
The Farmer's Market offers delicious treats with little guilt later.

In my journey towards clean eating, I am consciously aware that all social gatherings are centered around food.  Rarely do I spend time with my family or friends when a meal is not involved.

Savoring the after dinner light, my boy enjoys riding his bike and my daughter loves to hop, run or skip down the street to our neighborhood gelato spot. I love the summer ritual, but hate the added calories. Yes, realistically I could go to the ice cream store and not order anything, but that is very hard for me. Especially once you have tried the Sea Salt Caramel Gelato at Paciugo.

This past weekend our family went on an impromptu road trip to a Wisconsin Water Park. Although entertaining and expensive, I always come home feeling like crap on a diet of pizza and fried food.

Foreshadowing that this would happen, I typed into Google Healthy Eating Kenosha, as I knew we would be driving through that area around lunchtime.  Do you want to know what my result was: RED LOBSTER!

I don’t want to be the stick in the mud drinking water and eating carrot sticks, I want to indulge in all the deliciousness summer has to offer; yet I’m aware the effects sugar and butter have on my body and my mind. Also, I hate to miss out on fun opportunities and I would rather not sit home alone to avoid a calorie heavy barbecue.

I’m struggling to find that happy medium between overindulging and eating nothing.

How to you manage to be social and healthy?

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