P90X: Finally Seeing Improvement at Day 75

P90X: Finally Seeing Improvement at Day 75

I’m really not sure if it is even Day 75.  When committing to P90X back in April, exercise became a more consistent part of my daily schedule and somewhere between pull ups and Plyometrics I lost count.  It often is an inconvenience and many days I don’t want to do it. Nonetheless a habit is formed.

Today was one of those days where you are out of bed before 7 a.m. and moving all day without a pause. A text from my husband popped up around 5 p.m. that said he had a work meeting and wouldn’t be able to workout with me at a reasonable hour.

I temporarily considered skipping today’s workout as it is 95 degrees outside, about 79 degrees inside and I was exhausted and had a headache, but I knew I would regret it.

Quickly before I could get comfortable, I sent the kids to the basement as I laced up my gym shoes.  Three minutes into the warm up, I was smiling and getting pumped for the challenge ahead.  I felt energetic, strong and was enjoying myself.  With my iPod on shuffle I listened to music from Whitney Houston to Phish as I worked my Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and Abs.

I noticed improvement, which is rewarding after years of barely breaking a sweat on the elliptical.   I’m now able to do real push-ups, not the knee down modifications I’ve been doing for years.  During Ab Ripper bicycles, I can lift my arms off the ground while before I couldn’t even finish with my hands down.

I still don’t look like the ladies in the P90X infomercials and my scale has barely moved which continues to be discouraging Yet, I’m more confident and stronger.

After the workout, I calmly put my kids to bed as I am for sure I would have been frustrated and screaming if I had skipped it.

Then I still had more energy to go outside and water the garden, clean up the yard and do laundry. I know that if I had not exercised; my evening would have consisted of the couch, food and wine.

I much prefer the evening I had.


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    It really is crazy how much your energy level increases with P90x or with any hardcore fitness for that matter. Keep up the good work!
    Be Grateful

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