My Experience at The Apple Store

My Experience at The Apple Store

As my fellow Chicago Now bloggers told me, “Once you go Mac, you don’t go back.”

After suffering for months as my Dell froze after every paragraph or sometimes refused to start at all, I did what I’ve been talking about for years; I bought a MacBook Air.  My husband suggested we go to Best Buy, but I insisted on the full Apple experience and it lived up to its expectations.

I met my husband and kids at the North Avenue store on Sunday.  While waiting for them, I sat at outdoor tables watching a calming fountain as I saw the hustle and bustle from the el right behind it.

Inside the sun shined through the windows of the monochromatic store.  I told someone my hope to purchase a computer and he instructed me to head over a few tables away.  By the time I got there he had texted or talked into my salesman’s ear as he was already waiting for me.

He explained everything and more than we needed to know and when we agreed on which model and features we wanted; he turned to his iPhone and messaged someone downstairs who delivered our laptop in a small white box.

There was no cash register; we simply stood around as he entered our info into his device and even swiped our credit card on his phone.  Immediately a receipt was sent to my email.  In a matter of a few clicks my phone and computer was synched and my photos, calendar and contacts were immediately in front of my eyes.

I must admit I felt like Judy Jetson.

Have you been wondering where the kids, who make most all types of shopping unbearable?  They were sitting contently occupied at the Children’s iPad table.

It was a very high tech, futuristic and modern experience.  As for my computer, I’m still remembering the nuances and commands, back from my advertising days.  I’m pretty confident that I’ve gone Mac, and I’m never going back.

Have you had a positive experience with Apple products too?


I have not been compensated by The Apple Store or Apple (would be nice, though).  I am simply sharing my experience and opinions with you. 


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  • It's nice to know that you had a good experience. When my daughter went to the Apple store in Old Orchard to replace her stolen iPhone, the sales associates (who were around her age) were snarky and I called them on it. We left briefly so she could think about what she wanted to do and when we went back, I made sure we went to a different associate.

    I too, had a Dell that didn't last long. Since a Mac is far into the future for me, I went to Tiger Direct and got an inexpensive floor model laptop. Customer service was very good.

    Recently I snagged a deal for an iPhone at Best Buy. Customer service was minimal, but I am so hooked on that little thing it's frightening! My phone used to be a phone, now it's a mini-laptop and more!

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Thanks for commenting, Sibingless. Yes, I am hooked on my iPhone too!

    I once went in the Old Orchard store and was so overwhelmed I had to leave.

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    Wow that's amazing. Especially considering the kids at Best Buy can't answer questions, and if you try to buy a laptop they say "we just created a backup disk that will be an extra $100" and won't sell it to you if you don't buy it.

  • In reply to Chrisb:

    Yeah, I haven't had great experiences at Best Buy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Chris.

  • Whenever I go to the apple store on North Ave I always feel like I've been kidnapped by smarmy tech-savvy douchebag college hipsters all wanting to get a little piece of this awesomeness that's called gwill.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Nice to see you here, gwill. Not sure if we were lucky or what, but at that moment the store seemed pretty mellow.

  • Once you go Mac you don't go back. My line.. lol. I went to that North Ave store a few months back to advise my friend on his iPad purchase. But yes the personnel is very knowledgeable. I also like the Michigan Ave store there you can also take some classes that they offer each month you should check it out on their Apple site and get more comfortable with your Mac.

  • In reply to Aarreola1003:

    It was your line...and it was so true. Send me the link to your blog and I'll link to you in the post. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Of course Dell is a lot less expensive than Apple, so maybe you get (at best) what you pay for. Local computer shops can put custom-build something reliable for way less than a Mac. Pick your version of Linux for free (Linux Mint is a good one) and you're set.

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