Keeping Healthy While On Vacation

Keeping Healthy While On Vacation
We stocked up on fruit and vegetables at the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market

I’m home from a week in a house on the beach with family.  Vacation is a time to get away and recharge from the pressures of every day life.  I succeeded at less screen time and more family time, and I tried really hard, despite numerous temptations, to continue my healthy eating lifestyle.


I did bring our P90X videos and bands, but didn’t use them.  A combination of my husband hurting his back before we even got on the plane, finding the space to follow the video and lack of equipment (mats, pull up bars, chairs and weights) caused us to skip the P90X schedule for the week.

The good news is the daily workouts with Tony Horton for the past 9 weeks enabled us to replicate many of the exercises from the videos.  We focused mostly on push-ups, lunges and core and I supplemented cardio with some jump roping.

My sister in law and I also made it to a yoga class at Jivamukti Charleston.  I appreciated the class and loved the teacher’s Southern accent, but it wasn’t a studio I would frequent in Chicago.

Finally, walks on the beach, water slides and running after the kids kept me semi active.



I brought my single serving blender to make my green smoothies.  Although my husband and sister ridiculed me, it was the best idea as I looked forward to starting every day with a green smoothie. My kids and my niece and nephew drank fruit and yogurt smoothies every morning too.  I loved the normalcy and appreciated the energy from the fruits, vegetables and chia seeds to start the long, hot day ahead.

Every menu I admired included a majority of fried food.  I did my best to avoid it, mostly eating salads for lunch. We stocked up our home fridge after a shopping trip at Whole Foods and the local farmer’s market. Dinner was more of a challenge as our family ate at some renowned and delicious restaurants.  I made mistakes and ate french fries and fudge, but am relieved to come home to little change in the number on my scale.


Now that I’m home I’m content to be back to experiment with new recipes (zucchini pasta) and right back into P90X with Chest & Back and Ab Ripper this morning.

How do you stay healthy on vacation?




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