I'm One of Those Crying Moms

I'm One of Those Crying Moms

Maybe I can blame it on the hormones, but somewhere between the miraculous birth of my son and present day; the tears don’t stop.  They aren’t sad, hurtful or crocodile tears; they are proud tears.

At my 3 year old’s ballet recital the tears were expected.  After all, I cried when she put on her costume and at the dress rehearsal.  I wonder why the waterworks turn on at the somewhat ridiculous sight of toddler girls waving at their parents as they spin around on stage.

I am proud that the tiny, screaming baby that wouldn’t gain weight, wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t sleep has grown into a girl that listens to her teacher and feels confident on the stage with a lot of people and iPads recording her every move.  It brings clarity to the times when she continuously whines and won’t sleep (still) because although those not so fun moments happen at times, I’m more assured she will grow up to be a secure, passionate girl.  I guess that is why I was crying.

On Monday is my son’s Kindergarten Graduation.  When I was a kid, there was no graduation until Middle School in 8th grade.  In actuality I think a graduation when these kids are just beginning their life of school is somewhat ridiculous, but nonetheless the tears will be flowing. I will cry because I will be proud (as I already am) that my baby boy who taught me how to hold, swaddle, feed and love is now a reading, thinking, compassionate boy.

I saw a photo on Facebook a friend of mine commented on.  It was a picture of a mother and daughter at her graduation with a caption “How did 18 years go by so fast?”  I do not even know the ladies in that photo, but I cried.  I cried because that is going to be me soon.  Actually, it is 12 years away.  I have time.

My crying reminds me to also treasure the not so fun minutes; the chaos, dirt and screaming because the kids continue grow regardless if we are ready to take off their training wheels or send them to their first day of camp. I’ll put on my sunglasses and hopefully you won’t be able to see my tears flowing from behind them.

Are you a Crying Mom?  When was the last time your waterworks were turned on?

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