Conan at The Chicago Theatre

Conan at The Chicago Theatre

Yesterday morning my kids, mom and I piled in the car to head downtown and stand in line for Conan O’Brien tickets.  We waited about 45 minutes, but credit belongs to the staff as it was extremely organized and before long we had our wristbands and tickets.

Home we went for the last day of preschool and P90X; before I knew it I was back at The Chicago Theatre for the 5:00 taping of the Conan show.

Conan was funny, interested, focused and very tall.  During commercial breaks he stayed on stage dancing, talking with producers and interacting with the band and other guests.

The guest, Andy Samberg, seemed very comfortable with Conan and Andy Richter. Although he is hysterical on Saturday Night Live, his Rahm Emanual impersonation didn’t impress me.

Conan’s new upbeat band Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band made me miss The Max Weinberg 7, who apparently is currently touring with The E Street Band.

The red head showed his Chicago pride often mentioning Wrigley Field, The Bean and even making a hilarious appearance at a CPS Elementary School creating Blues songs based on kid’s version of a bad day.

Conan came across genuine and sincere signing autographs after the show, and the devoted audience displayed their loyality after the he sadly got screwed by Jay Leno for The Tonight Show spot.

It was worth waiting in line twice to see Conan in Chicago.

I’m Team Coco, are you?






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