I am Done Having Children and Selling Everything this Weekend

I am Done Having Children and Selling Everything this Weekend
Why are baby shoes so cute? Babies don't even wear shoes!

It is true.  It has been decided that my husband and I are not having any more babies.

It is a hard concept for me to grasp as I look through the neatly folded onesies each chronicling a different memory of the quick journey to get to today. Isn’t it ironic that moms of infants struggle to get through the days, yet looking back I miss those moments?

Before I continue my sob story, I should let it be known that I am beyond blessed.  I have two children that are healthy, vibrant and more than I could ask for.

Honestly, I feel ridiculous complaining when so many women struggle with infertility and have no children.  I wish there was a way I could help each of those ladies, some suffering in silence.

Whether it is valid or not, I’m experiencing some real emotions and trying to look at the good in this situation. Here is what I have come up with so far.

1. No more diapers.

2. No more naps.

3. No more strollers.

With this new stage it allows our family of four to travel and explore our city.  Our offspring are now old enough to  question, help and experience the world with us and I’m trying to embrace this next phase.

Despite all this positive thinking, I cannot imagine I will ever see an innocent, squeezable baby again without my heart falling out my body and yearning to have one of my own.

Does this ever go away?

I’m a planner and this past year of limbo has been difficult.  I’m hoping this decision will end the constant wonder.

To really put closure to this new life decision, I am giving away every single item of girl and boy baby clothing that I have saved in labeled containers by size.  Plus high chairs, car seats, toys, books, mattresses and guitars.

If you need anything baby/toddler related come to our garage sale in Roscoe Village this Saturday.   Email me at upsanddownsyogamom@gmail.com for more information about the sale.

Another cherry on top; partial proceeds will be donated to Donna’s Good Things.  In preparing for this sale, I’ve had many discussions with my children about giving their belongings to others who need them.  We talked about what we would do with our earnings and when I told my family about Donna, the decision was easily made.

My goal is to feel lighter and ready to move forward after this weekend.

Did you know when your family was complete?  Was it a hard decision?  Did you find peace?


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    I am right there with you. I just gave away a bunch of infant and toddler stuff, and I am already encouraging my 4-year-old twins to hurry-up and procreate and make me a grandmother.

  • In reply to mary w:

    Thanks for commenting, Mary! You made me laugh.

  • I'm cracking apart reading this. How can you know?! I went to a (depressing) adoption meeting last week and was all ready to close up shop for good when I remembered something, um, highly personal that has me on pins and needles right now.

    It's hard to be done with baby making - and so very hard to not be. Thanks for the post.

  • Honestly, I don't know. I'm hoping I'm taking the right steps toward knowing more.

  • Congratulations, Yoga Mom, on your decision!

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    Please don't sell the car seats it is illegal and unsafe. Thanks...

  • In reply to Sarah Ackley:

    Thanks for the tip, Sarah. I won't sell them.

  • In reply to Sarah Ackley:

    Buying a used car seat may not be the wisest thing if you don't know its history, but selling a car seat is not illegal in the US.

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    Good on you for making your decision and moving forward. You've made the right decision for this moment. Who knows what decisions the next moments bring............ Do the kids get to keep one special item each that they can pass onto their kids? I have my first bonnet and baby dress I enjoyed dressing Lily in when she was little :) hugs x

  • In reply to Sarah Moreau:

    Sarah, I've saved a big box of first outfits I can't part with. It is a good idea to let my kids pick an outfit of their own as well. Does Lily need anything? I would love to give something to her.

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    In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Thanks Yoga mom, you're sweet. I can't think of anything Lily really needs. We look forward to seeing you next week!

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