Spring Cleaning my Body with a Cleanse

Spring Cleaning my Body with a Cleanse

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a cleanse.  I’ve always said I could never do one because I cannot not eat.  I am not fun to be around when I am hungry.  As a mother, I know that I can no longer act like a child and I will survive without food.  Hopefully, I will benefit from the time away from eating.

A twitter friend raved about Peeled’s three day cleanse.

Lately I have been bloated and irritable and figure I should at least try, maybe it will be easier than I imagine. Of course, I had many questions first.

I’ve visit Peeled weekly and their smoothies and juices are delicious, expensive and packed with unique fresh fruits and vegetables.  I’m comforted knowing I wouldn’t be depriving myself of everything tasty.  Also, buying pre-made juices will save a lot of time on produce shopping and preparing myself.

According to Peeled’s site, these are some of the benefits of cleansing.

– A boosted immune system
– Physical rejuvenation
– Increased energy
– Allergy alleviation
– Rested digestive organs
– Normalized weight
– Normalized blood pressure
– Elevated mood and sex drive
– Clearer skin
– Improved thyroid function

In related news, my husband and I have been discussing starting P90x April 1st.  P90x is at home workout program targeting different muscles everyday.

It is now officially April and we don’t have P90x.   I’ve got to take the plunge and order it this week. I hope we can commit to the program and finish what we (hopefully) start.

Change is always good; it is just taking that leap to start that takes a while.

How are you Spring Cleaning your body?


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    If you have Netflix, go to the documentary queue and select "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" I did two juice cleanses last year and it's totally changed my body for the good.

  • Jennifer, I do have Netflix and am going to check that documentary out tonight. And I'm starting my cleanse in the morning. Thanks for your comment.

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    In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Did you see it? What did you think?

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    I am doing a 15 day herbal cleanse and I am still trying to motivate myself to start p90x with my dad but I am scared lol...So far just working out a little everyday and yoga 4-5 times a week...Good luck!

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