Meatless Monday: No Guilt Pizza for the Whole Family

Meatless Monday: No Guilt Pizza for the Whole Family

My weekly Meatless Monday posts have been few and far between lately.  I have a number of excuses but the biggest is my offspring have developed vegetable detectors.  Spinach can’t be hidden; they sense the mushroom and refuse to come close and they barely will be in the same room as cauliflower.

My philosophy is to continue to offer them vegetables and hope that someday they will be encouraged to at least try them.

Side note: My boy eats tomatoes, corn and avocados and my girl has a longer list of acceptable vegetables, so there are a few exceptions to the rule.

The problem is I want to eat lots and lots of vegetables.  Since my cleanse, I’m eating veggie based meals and not only feel and look better; I enjoy the fresh, natural, eat as much as you want without feeling guilty meals.

Another side note: I have not drank coffee since Monday, April 2nd and I am way less tired than I was when inhaling cup after cup.


Frustrated with the challenges of feeding and pleasing everyone in the house, I discovered the possibilities of pizza.  Pizza does not need to be dripping in grease and covered in elastic cheese to be delicious.

The other genius of homemade pizza is it can be customized to each diner in your house’s personal requests.

Do you want another reason to love pizza?  Kids can basically make it themselves.  They are occupied, involved and aware of the food they eat.  I’ve recently decided I will only make pizza with one child at a time for now, since they fight too much over who gets to roll out the dough!

My most recent pizza creation included two parts kid pizza; boringly covered in tomato sauce and a couple kinds of shredded cheese.  My quadrant had olive oil, sauteed broccoli, spinach, leeks, mushrooms, garlic, salt and pepper, a little feta and one spoonful of the sinful mascarpone cheese.  My husband’s quarter had red sauce, the same vegetables as mine, mozzarella and a little blue cheese.

What would you put on your pizza?


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  • You mean that you didn't buy the 6 cheeseburger pizza on all the late night shows?

    Anyway, I figure that Hawaiian pizza has all food groups. However, if you take out the meat it loses one. Does textured tofu work? No.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for reading, Jack. I love pineapple on a pizza, it adds a nice kick and the meat doesn't really seem needed.

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    Sounds great, Beth! A suggestion to alleviate the dough fighting: make individual pizzas. It has worked in our house and then everyone can make their own and put whatever they want on it. Thanks for the fun post!

  • In reply to Aimee Holper:

    Great suggestion, Aimee. I am going to try the individual pizzas. We miss you guys!

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