Building a Jewish Community for My Children

Building a Jewish Community for My Children

With an inquisitive six year old comes question, all the time.   He is constantly asking questions about science, family, geography, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.  Most of them I can easily answer, or at least use my iPhone for a quick solution that will temporarily satisfy him.

Then questions come up about religion.  He asks more questions wondering “why we are Jewish” and “why can’t we eat bread during Passover.”

This is when I knew it was time to join a synagogue.  Whether I enjoy being there or not is irrelevant, my children need the opportunity to learn about the culture, their heritage and experience the community.  At some point in their lives they will have the choice to follow their own beliefs and traditions.

Initially researching our options for my children has evolved into a place for our family. I’m hoping my husband and I will develop relationships with like-minded families that allow my kids not to feel left out during Hanukkah or Rosh Hashanah.

It is a grown up decision, but I feel the responsibility to surround my children with an educated, supportive environment.

With that, I’m off to make some matzoh ball soup for my family.

I guess we all turn into our mother eventually.

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