Who I Would Cast For 'The Hunger Games' Movie

Who I Would Cast For 'The Hunger Games' Movie

I’m not sure if it was subconscious or coincidence, but somehow I read The Hunger Games at the same time the press for the movie came out.   I did my best to avoid the continuous coverage of Lenny Kravitz and Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend.  To me the characters had their own look created by my imagination.

Suzanne Collins’ vivid descriptions depicts a movie in my mind with these characters as the leading roles.

Katniss Evergreen: A tall muscular version of Ellen Page, the girl who played Juno.

Peeta: An Ashton Kutcher type

Cinna: Rivers Cuomo

Haymitch: Remember the teacher on Head of the Class?  Yeah, him.

Rue: Dakota Fanning’s sister*

Prim: a 10-year-old Dakota Fanning.  In my mind, Rue and Prim looked alike.

Foxface: Evangeline Lilly, the girl from Lost.

Gale: A regular kid from a small town.

*In the movie, Rue is African American. I remember reading about her dark eyes but did not picture her with dark skin.

My husband read the book on his iPad the same time I was reading the paper version.  All week we were sending each other texts that looked like this.

Saturday night before dinner I insisted we first stop at Barnes & Noble to buy Catching Fire, the next book in the series.

Do you visualize movie roles while you read books?  Who would play Katniss in your mind?

Do you enjoy seeing movies based on books?  Most importantly, have you seen The Hunger Games yet? Did it stay true to the book? I am looking forward to seeing the movie soon, very soon.



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  • I find it Interesting that many people didn't imagine that Rue was Black although on page 45 of my book, she is described as having "dark brown eyes and skin."

    If you check out the Hunger Games Tumblr page, you will find that you are not the only one who seems to take issue with the casting.

  • In reply to Kay S:

    Thanks for commenting, Kay. For that reason I included the asterisk. I wanted to be honest with my visualization and not put an African American actress simply because that is how it was cast in the movie. I will check out the Tumblr page

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:


  • as much as i love josh hutcherson and think he is talented, he is so short. i imagined peeta to be taller and more blonde. otherwise i was loving the casting. i wish haymitch said more. his character is so important in the book. sigh. guess there is only so much they can do with a movie, huh?

  • Some issues I had.......
    Peeta should have been much taller.
    Haymitch seemed not "drunk enough". (in the book, he falls on his own vomit.)
    I wished the Capitol residents had different skin colors as described in the book. (red, blue, etc)
    Why did Katniss salute with her right hand? They should have explained that the wolves were re-engineered dead tributes. That completely shocked me in the book.

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