Pink Slime: Our Children Deserve Better Meals at School

Pink Slime: Our Children Deserve Better Meals at School

I cannot even fathom there is a human out there that is approving schools to serve this to children.

The USDA is feeding this so-called pink slime, a beef-like product created by grinding together connective tissue and beef scraps normally used in dog food, and treated with ammonia hydroxide to kill salmonella and E. coli.  According to reports, the USDA is planning to buy seven million dollars worth of this possibly deadly product.

Even McDonalds and Taco Bell have banned this harmful substance, but no one in our school systems has pointed out this is not healthy for anyone?

Ammonium hydroxide is itself of course harmful to eat, and can potentially turn into ammonium nitrate, a common ingredient in home made explosives.

Kids need nutritious food to be able to learn in school, and many of the tens of millions of kids who rely on school lunches come from low income families where they are less likely to get a healthy diet. While pink slime is a nutritionally inferior and potentially risky product, the school lunch program saves only three cents per pound of ground beef by continuing to put this filler in kids hamburgers.

This needs to end immediately.  Please sign this petition and share with all your friends and followers.

There is enough to worry about when sending little ones off to school, lunch should not be a concern.



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