How Many Hours a Week Do You Spend in Your Bed?

How Many Hours a Week Do You Spend in Your Bed?

I spend so much time focusing on what I eat, but how much time do I consider analyzing my sleep?

Do you get enough sleep at night? Most healthy adults needs between 7.5 and 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best.  I looked at a list of negative effects sleep deprivation has that go way beyond daytime drowsiness, and was surprised how many of them affected me.

*Fatigue, lethargy and lack of motivation (yes)

*Moodiness and irrability (yes)

*Reduced creativity and problem-solving skills (I’m sure)

*Inability to cope with stress (uh huh)

*Reduced immunity; frequent colds and infections (remember this?)

*Concentration and memory problems (what were we talking about?)

*Weight gain (sadly, yes)

*Impaired motor skills and increased risk of accidents (not sure)

*Difficulty making decisions (maybe)

*Increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health problems (most likely)

My odds are high.  Too many wasted hours watching Bravo or playing Words with Friends, when I should be sleeping.

I try to get an average of 8 hours of sleep per day, 56 hours a week, approximately 224 hours a month and 2,688 hours in a year.

That is a lot of hours spent in bed. I spend more time sleeping than driving; yet pay a monthly car payment for my car.  I should dedicate that money to a bed that will help us sleep well.

Quality sleep is very important and it is sometimes much more fun than exercising.  Although I was in my bed for a number of hours, I was not receiving quality REM sleep.  REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is when you do most active dreaming.  I often would wake up with a sore back, neck or hips.

This all changed when  I received The Sleep Number m7 bed.  This bed redefines memory foam by combining unique technologies, offering a bed that cools, contours and adjusts so each sleeper can realize their coziest, most-personalized sleep.

This bed is different. It has three inches of exclusive Sleep Number CoolFit™ foam with gel technology that  provide a cool, soothing sleeping surface.
CoolFit foam is naturally contouring and more breathable compared to the leading memory foam brand and exclusive Sleep Number DualAir™ technology lets sleepers adjust firmness on each side of the mattress for their ideal level of comfort.

After a week in my new bed, I found myself looking at the clock excited to go to bed and even snuck in a few naps.  I slept well and didn’t wake up with a sore neck or back.  I had more energy and patience in taking care of my kids.

My favorite part is that my husband is a back sleeper and prefers a harder bed and I am a side sleeper and love a softer bed.  The Sleep Number M7 bed is perfect for us because we both can adjust our sleep number accordingly.

This bed greatly improves our quality of life. Only problem is I’ll never get my kids out of our bed now!

The fine print: I received a free Sleep Number® m7 Memory Foam bed to review from Select Comfort / Sleep Number for this post. All opinions in the post are my own. For more information find Sleep Number on Facebook and Twitter.



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  • I want one of those beds! Does it also wake up at night and feed your newborn? This is a great conversation in regards to sleep deprivation and having an infant. My brain is like oatmeal right now. I am lacking patience and often have a hard time formIng sentances...

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    I want one of those beds too!!! This cold thing is about to send me over the edge! This is a great discussion! I think lack of sleep is my number one problem all around right now. I guess I should put the IPad down and try.

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