Are Our Computers Helping Us Cheat?

Are Our Computers Helping Us Cheat?

I became The Best Mother in the World yesterday afternoon when I helped my boy, who had dedicated every minute of his free time the last week to getting the key, go on to the next level in his Harry Potter Lego video game.

We tried jumping, wearing the invisible cloak and using the spells but couldn’t figure out what needs to be done to capture the master key.  Frankly sick of his asking for my help, we finally shot down the key and opened the door.

I wish I could say it was my brilliance or problem solving skills, nope I simply typed Harry Potter Lego PlayStation into Google and found my answer.

He was thrilled, but it couldn’t of been moments later I hear his voice, “Mom, look up the website to tell me how to pass the chess game level.”

“No.  That is cheating.  You  need to spend time working toward the solution.”  This was the main reason I bought the game in the first place.

Nobody told me how to pass the dragon in Super Mario Brothers.

Do we cheat as adults?

My husband is always looking up sports trivia on his iPhone and I use our phones’ calculator or navigator applications.  These are aiding us, at the same time they are making an action easier.

Back in the day we had to work harder to accomplish our tasks instead of having a computer do it for us.

Are we cheating or is this the world we live in now?



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  • There is a difference between "research" and cheating. Maybe the problem is that if your son couldn't figure out how to get the key himself, he should have been able to figure out how to Google the answer without your help (if he is at least 6 years old).

    Similarly, it isn't a copyright violation to copy Wikipedia (since everything is under license), but it is cheating not to realize that Wikipedia is not a source (or at least is not subject to normal editorial requirements, such as fact checking) and that it is rank plagiarism to use "copy and paste" to put it in a Word Document handed in for a school assignment (now probably by e-mail than printed). In the old days, you would have had to copy something longhand from the World Book to plagiarize it, while now students can do it with a couple of mouse clicks, so it is just easier cheating. Of course, schools now have programs to detect that.

    It isn't cheating for you husband to research sports trivia. At least he isn't the 93 year old caller to The SCORE (about 10 years ago) who told Bernstein* to look up something for her, because "you have the newspaper."

    *I did Google it to confirm it was Bernstein, but I remembered Caller Annie.

  • Maybe we should be concerned more about the real "cheating" in our world, like what the Wall Street banks and investors did to almost collapse the global economy.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Excellent point. We have bigger issues to worry about. I can't help wonder if it starts small and grows to corruption.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Of course. Blago starts dying his hair, and the next thing you know..........

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  • Real parental cheating is when you turn in something for the Science Fair that your kid has had virtually nothing to do with. Lots of that going on at the moment!

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