Leaving Kids Makes for a Better Mother

Leaving Kids Makes for a Better Mother
Nepenthe Restaurant, Big Sur, California

We celebrated my mom’s birthday in Big Sur, California this past weekend.  Have you been there?  It is a wooded small town next to the mountains on the ocean with seemingly ideal weather.  I haven’t yet figured out why everyone doesn’t live there.

I’m aware how lucky I am to have the option of leaving the kids with my husband for four days.  Honestly, I was worried.  I typed out a list of specific instructions and spent the week prior doing laundry, grocery shopping and getting the house ready for my departure.

It went better than expected, especially after I received this text from my hard working husband.

Now that I am home (not even for 24 hours) I’m noticeably calmer, more appreciative and a better mother.

I hope you moms get the opportunity to get some time away too.


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  • Sadly, with no family here and no sitters, that sounds lovely but will have to remain just "sounding lovely". Not that you're saying this, but it bugs the crap out of me when everyone (including my mother, who is four thousand miles away) says that my husband and I should "get away for a few days". On the odd occasion that I have had to leave my husband with the kids,(for work) it's been so much hard work to prepare that I've often found myself thinking it's not worth it.

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    I agree with you on the stress and work of leaving and it not feeling worth it. I have said that I don't want to go before I leave, but always happy once I'm gone (even if it is for a few hours). I'm sorry you have no family or sitters here.

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