Kira Willey's Music Brought Peace to my Home

Kira Willey's Music Brought Peace to my Home

You know that time of day around 4:00 when everyone is getting tired, there is homework to be done and dinner to be made?  I call it the witching hour.  Day after day my kids and I continued to battle and I was losing my cool.

Just in time, Kira Willey sent me her CD “Kings & Queens of the Forest: Yoga Songs for Kids, Vol. 2” and in frustration I put it on early one evening.  Magic happened; it brought the most beautiful vibe to my kitchen.  The kids became quiet, independently working on writing and drawing and I realized I was enjoying myself as I prepared dinner.

The songs are for kids, but not too childish that I don’t want to listen to it.  There are words and phrases that are repeated so the kids can sing along.  At the end of the CD there is guided yoga for kids.

This was not a one-time occurrence.  The next time I felt my blood boiling I hit play and within minutes felt the calm melodies in my home.  Now my kids’ ask to turn on Kira’s music.  In my mind she is nothing short of a miracle worker!


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