Those Real Housewives Are Bullies

Those Real Housewives Are Bullies

I’m dreading the days my children have cell phones and computer access, mainly because I worry about bullies.  The mean girls were around when I was young and I can easily bring myself back to the helpless pain they cause.  I was a teen in the days of phony phone calls; before caller ID, texting and social media.  My imagination runs wild at the sad possibilities these days.

Portrait of an Adoption published a horrifying post about a young lady that purposely stepped in front of a bus and it literally makes me physically ill.  What is worse is the status updates classmates posted about her suicide. I know the power of Facebook and am terrified my children will use it the wrong way.  Life is too instant right now; no one has time to think first.

Lately, it seems everyone is on this Real Housewives bandwagon.  Even Anderson Cooper was on Watch What Happens Live the other night.  Isn’t he supposed to be a hard news journalist? 

 I swear I don’t watch the show.  Well, I did enjoy the Real Housewives of New York when Bethanny was on and I have seen snippets of the latest Beverly Hills installment, as shamefully I’m curious what is shown about Taylor Armstrong’s husband’s suicide.

How terrible.  A life is lost.  A child is without a father.  We are all watching to see how this turns out.  Are we 100% desensitized?

Every single episode I watch there is a fight.  Every single dinner party at least one lady is crying.  When my friends get together there is no fighting, screaming or bullying.  Besides the fact these women are extravagant, fake and over the top; they are bullies.

 Why are we celebrating these ladies?  Why is this franchise such a success? 

Can’t we find kind and giving ladies in every city to act as role models or at least as entertainment?

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