Is Yoga to Blame for Injuries?

Is Yoga to Blame for Injuries?

I’ve silently been following the recent NYT article  “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” and  I’ve read the smart and thought provoking responses.  All the while I’ve been nursing a sore knee and frustrated from achy hips wondering where I stand on this issue.  Yogis get injured, but that doesn’t keep us from yoga.

When my parents ran the marathon they suffered multiple injuries through months of grueling training.  Even my sister-in-law, a chef, has endured countless serious burn and knife wounds.  If you enjoy somewhat dangerous activities, aren’t accidents inevitable?

Yes, it is safer to sit home and read or play mahjong, but really don’t we enjoy the thrill, the high from challenging ourselves?

A family member asked me after a  yoga workshop, “What is the best pose you can do now?”

 I honestly answered, “It is not about the finale, it is about the path to get there.”

Whether she rolled her eyes or not I don’t know, but  I have been listening to my body and altering my practice to what poses feel good for me at this moment.  I’ve noticed a lightness of simply being where my body feels right, opposed to the uncomfortable forcefulness to reach the final pose. 

If we let go of ego and listen to our bodies and minds, the solution should be obvious.


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  • People like to find problems with things so that they can use that as an excuse not to do it. I mean, let's face it, sitting on our butts all day is TERRIBLE for our spines, yet it's what most people do! ;-)
    Yoga has, personally, been amazing for me! It's made me more flexible than I've ever been and has made my hips BETTER! :-)

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