Friday Favorites: Green Sandwich Bags & Avocado Pasta

Friday Favorites: Green Sandwich Bags & Avocado Pasta
Easy Recyclable Sandwich Bags

 It is Friday again?  Wow, this week flew by.  I’m striving to find the gentle balance between being too busy and bored.  Do you struggle to find that spot?  Of course I want to sub every class to help my peers out, but sometimes it leads to too much stress.  I’m finding it is ok to say no to teaching, volunteering, play dates, nights out or even jobs.  It must be the cold weather; but staying home is feeling really nice about now.  That reminds me; thirty minutes to get the leotard on the three year old and out the door to ballet.

There were many favorites I found this week on my computer.  I need to be better about bookmarking them at the time instead of assuming I will remember them; because my mind is pretty blank right now! 

I go through many sandwich bags a week making lunches, on the go snacks and storing Legos, crayons and other small piece toys.  I do my best to reuse them, but knew there much be an easier, eco-friendly solution.  Angry Chicken made the above pouches that appear simple, even though I am not a sewer at all. The best part is that they can easily be thrown in the washing machine and used over and over again.  Plus, I can use cute fabric that my kids’ will enjoy around the house.  Maybe I will even use their many pairs of too small pajamas to make these. 

I saw this quote on twitter.  I’m not sure who the author is, but I love, love, love it; very basic, but true

“When you’re unsure if you should apologize, say sorry.”

Another find is a recipe that uses your almost too soft avocados.  My kids (and I) love avocados and noodles and  this yummy dish written by Two Peas and Their Pod  is a must try.

What are your favorites of the week?  Please share below in the comments or you can contact me anytime on Facebook or Twitter.

Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and drive safely if you are in the Midwest like me.


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  • Sounds yummy - sort of like a guacamole sauce. Fresh tomatoes would be a nice addition. You always post the nicest veg recipes.

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