Day Two and Three of My Meditation Challenge

Day Two and Three of My Meditation Challenge

Last week at the suggestion of my yoga teacher, I committed to five minutes of meditation every day.  Read here for details from Day One.  I’ve enjoyed this journey and am trying to follow the path without getting discouraged.  I remind myself that this is a process and like anything else takes practice. 

Day Two: I woke up excited for my daily meditation.  I hurried through my morning routine making breakfast for the kids and taking the dog out so I could get to it.  This time I went to my cold, dark basement.  I sat on a bolster which made a huge difference in back pain.  Having the hips higher than the knees releases tension in the spine and makes sitting much more comfortable. 

 Unfortunately, all the noise upstairs really distracted me.  I did my best to continue the meditation, but with 1:37 left, I got interrupted by a child in need.  Although frustrated I didn’t get the complete 5 minutes, I still reaped the benefits of meditation.  My body felt less tense and my mind was much lighter.

Tomorrow I’m going to look for a time to meditate that the house is quieter.  What time of day do you meditate?

Day Three: Today was one of those busy days with brunch plans, a birthday party and visiting with my Mom and Dad.  I wasn’t home all day, but my mind continuously wondered when I could squeeze in my five minutes of meditation.  At my parents’ house, I disappeared into my old bedroom and found a pillow to sit on why I worked on my breathing.

I could hear the conversation in the other room but focused on a six count inhale, a 3 count hold, a six count exhale, a 3 count hold and repeated.  This worked well, although my back hurt and I was relieved when I heard the beep indicating my time was up.

 Tomorrow my plan is to meditate when the kids are at school and the house is quiet.  I also am going to try some guided meditation from a podcast as suggested by some of you. 

Have you been attempting to meditate daily?  Have you learned any tips or tricks to make it easier or is it simply that I need to let go?

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