Can You Meditate For Five Minutes A Day?

Can You Meditate For Five Minutes A Day?

I used to be intimidated by meditation. Not only daunted by the thought of sitting in stillness, but bad at it as well.  Harder than any of the asanas attempted during yoga class, the meditation or final relaxation was the biggest challenge. 

I struggle daily with letting go as I am constantly thinking of what I need to do next instead of being in the moment. I strongly believe meditation is a learned behavior.  I practice breathing, being motionless and starting small with a few breaths and adding up to a few minutes.

Yesterday I began a  new yoga  intensive with Dorie Silverman.  She suggested we try to meditate for 5 minutes every day with a gorgeous lit candle she provided us. 

*  *  *

Day One: I’m super excited to meditate this morning.  After I’ve given the kids breakfast and they are preoccupied with Max & Ruby, (Why do those bunnies not have parents?) I sneak off to my bedroom to meditate. 

I lit the candle and set my phone timer for 5 minutes.  I settled into a comfortable seated position and began to breathe.  My thoughts were active and I found it difficult to clear my mind completely.

It was much harder than I anticipated. My back hurt, I heard the dog whining in the distance and I was sure my phone had forgot to beep to signal that my time was up.  Finally with 23 seconds left I peaked at my timer, immediately disappointed I didn’t make it the full five minutes. 

From there I did a few simple yoga poses to release the tension in my lower back.  Keeping my candle lit, I headed back towards my children and the accompanying chaos.  Even though my meditation was lacking complete concentration I feel altered; calmer and stronger.

I will be posting updates on the remainder of my weekly challenge.  Come back to see if it gets easier and if I’m able to stick to the routine, especially with winter break ending and school starting again next week.

Do you want to join me in a daily 5 minute meditation practice for a week?

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    How about audio mediation assistance?

    But, what if you’ve tried meditating and you can’t silence the mental chatter? That’s where audio entrainment comes in handy. When you listen to audio at specific frequencies, your brain will begin to follow along, and reproduce the frequency of the audio you’re listening to.

    So, can audio entrainment help you kick start your brain when you’re feeling unfocused and can also relax you when you’re stressed out or can’t relax or sleep?

    I've found a good review of a audio entrainment that uses brainwaves as the method. If meditation is interesting for you you should give a look:

  • In reply to Jorge Tk:

    Thank you Jorge from your response and support. Audio entrainment is a helpful suggestion and I plan to try it in the next couple days. Keep reading to see how I like it!

  • Usually, I find doing it hard to think about, except while in yoga class.

    However, when really uptight, I found that something suggested by an otherwise dictatorial fill-in yoga instructor works--hold your breath for a count of 5, breathe out for a count of 5, for about 3 minutes.

    Also, for back tension, rolling around the bed in coil seems to work. My usual yoga instructor talks about the benefits of self-massage by such methods, although Geoff Peterson and I have another meaning for that term.

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