Why Doesn't Anyone Talk About Marriage Being Hard?

Why Doesn't Anyone Talk About Marriage Being Hard?

I notice many, many blog posts on the hardships of parenting, but few on the challenges of married life.  Maybe because, like me, I would never want to criticize my husband and partner in such a public forum.  Or maybe because we know our families are reading this (hi guys, no need to worry).  Still I find it odd that the fact that marriage is a lot of work often seems skipped over.

Of course there are weeks where we are in a rhythm simultaneously moving through the routine with no missteps along the way.  Then there are the days when it is a struggle.  A struggle to communicate, a struggle to manage schedules and a struggle to find time to remember that before these two little ones were in our lives; it was all about our love for each other. 

I need to let go of any ego and know that jobs are hard, parenting is hard and in order for it to be a success we can’t keep tabs on who works harder or spends more time with the kids.  This seems to be a battle that cannot be won. 

Today I’m working on finding personal pleasure from my kids, my work and my efforts.  I cannot expect praise; I can simply enjoy the moment and continue to move forward.

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  • It's even harder if you view it as a zero-sum game.

  • Marriage is never easy, though some days are easier than others. Neither person thinks the other is perfect, so we sit in the same boat, trying to keep it afloat. We don't even have kids yet, but still have plenty to work on. It will work if you want it to. But it takes just that; work.
    Nothing good ever comes easy, in fact, it's the opposite.

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