Searching for a Hiding Place for Holiday Gifts

Searching for a Hiding Place for Holiday Gifts

I really try to be a minimalist.  I feel overwhelmed by the amount of kids’ stuff crowding my house and honestly do not think my kids need anything.  But, my husband tells me I’m being a Scrooge and I should allow our offspring to enjoy the excitement of the holiday, like we did when we were little.  Per his request, I am trying to get in the holiday spirit and figured Costco would be the cheapest place to start shopping.  

The magic of Costco lured me in and I bought a baby doll that comes with a bed, rocking horse and bottles for $19.99.  Although, my daughter owns many varieties of this, I know it will provide her hours of pretending to be the Mommy while talking on her pretend iPhone. Feeling good about my decision, I realize the box is huge and we have no good hiding places in our house.

I tried the basement closet route when I bought a Harry Potter Lego set from, once again, Costco months before my boy’s birthday.  He stumbled upon it and begged and begged and begged until I broke down and let him open it, leaving me without a birthday gift.    Currently the holiday present is in my car covered by an old picnic blanket. I don’t trust she won’t discover it in the next few weeks.

Maybe I need to make more spots in our home off limits.  Where do you hide stuff you don’t want your kids to find? I’m out of ideas, besides purchasing a large lock box.


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  • The garage, in a big tupperware bin, behind things. Yes, I almost broke my ankle trying to sneak things into the bins yesterday, but the kids will never think to look there. Nowhere in the actual house is safe, these kids are into everything! My friend said she keeps her gifts in her office at work until the last minute. Good luck!

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    The garage is a great idea. There is so much junk in there, I just have to remember what I ut where. Thanks for your comment!

  • I keep everything in the trunk of my car until I wrap them. If I'm not home, neither are the presents. Of course, this doesn't work if you have a minivan...

  • I put mine all over the house and if I don't make a note, I forget where they are! I also wrap everything so if anyone's tempted, they would have to leave tell tale signs of the gift having been tampered with. I currently have a lot of stuff squirreled away at the bottom of my closet as they never go in there. (I think.)

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    That is my problem too. I forget what I buy and where I put it. Pre-wrapping is a smart idea, as Im always rushing to secretly wrap at the last minute. Thanks as always for your comment.

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