Make Your Own Monday: Legwarmers

Make Your Own Monday: Legwarmers

The verdict on my feelings about the 80’s creeping its way back into our wardrobe is not in yet.  I can handle, and maybe enjoy, the off the shoulder shirts and leggings, but draw the line at neon and big hair. 

Legwarmers are one of those trends that are very practical.  My daughter’s skinny body and long legs makes it very difficult to find pants that fit in length and girth.  Legwarmers are the perfect solution to wear with leggings that might be a little short and keep little legs warm in these cold months. 

For me I’m not sold on the fashion sense, but for practical purposes they do a nice job at keeping my legs warm before and after yoga practice. 

Still I would never spend money on something that I could soon be rolling my eyes at wondering why I bought them.  Then I discovered an easy little trick.  Simply cut the arms off old sweaters and voila legwarmers!  If you are uber crafty you can hem the sides or add embellishments, although by no means necessary.

An added unplanned bonus is the sweater can still be worn as a vest! My 3 year old pulls it off very well, and extra layers are ideal for Chicago winters.

Reuse, reduce and recycle AND stay warm!

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