Handmade Headband Holder

Handmade Headband Holder

In my constant quest for organization, I’ve been looking for an easy way to create order with my daughter’s endless hair accessories.  I find them everywhere from the floor to random drawers and decided we needed order. The rubberbands and bows are in a tupperware type container but the headbands are bulky and don’t fit. 

I turned to Pinterest a fun site that offers, among other things, do it yourself projects that often recycle products already in the house.  I saw an example on the site that used a cylindrical oatmeal box, but didn’t have one so chose an empty Costco Jelly Belly container. 

 After painting with acrylic it already looked unrecognizable.  The headbands easily gripped the sides and it makes it simple for my 3 year old to take them on and off.  An added benefit is that cap comes off and inside is a large place to store clips, bands, bows and any other small pieces.

This could even be an affordable holiday gift.  My fingers are crossed that my daughter keeps her headbands in their new home.

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