Donate Used Books and Support Literacy

Donate Used Books and Support Literacy

This time of year gives me anxiety.  It is the over indulging, dark afternoons and intense socializing.   One tradition that makes December brighter is giving back and helpings others.  In 2010 I wrote about Bundle of Joy, a charity that gives diapers to babies that don’t have clean diapers.  If you have diapers that don’t fit, drop them off at a Bundle of Joy drop box and allow babies to start their lives wearing clean and dry diapers.

Recently I learned another organization that can use your help.  Open Books is a nonprofit social venture that operates an extraordinary bookstore, provides community programs, and mobilizes passionate volunteers to promote literacy in Chicago and beyond.  These statistics I found on their site are shocking:

Sixty-one percent of low income families have no children’s books at home.

Forty-four million adults in America can’t read a story to a child.

Fifty-three percent of adults in Chicago have low or limited literacy levels.

To help is so easy.  Simply donate used books, they are sold near Franklin and Chicago, then the money goes to making reading accessible to everyone. This is fun and satisfying for kids and adults alike.  Bring books you are done with, buy new ones AND help others. 

We are going next weekend.  If you have books you are looking to get rid of, I would be happy to add them to mine and deliver them together.

It is easy to get wrapped up in yourself and chaos this month; hopefully you find a few hours to allow others to explore the magical simplicity of reading.

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