My Experience at The Social Media Masters Summit 2011

Yesterday I had two and a half hours to swing by the 3rd Annual  Social Media Masters Summit at the School of the Art Institute Ballroom while both kids were safe at school.  The building is across the street from the Art Institute, next to Cosi, and is ornate and beautiful.  I love old historic buildings that cannot compare to modern construction and architecture.

I didn’t have many expectations, but felt underdressed in my jeans and apparently I was supposed to bring my laptop.  I listened to the end of the Science and Industry’s Month at the Museum project.  It is a daring concept and is providing international feedback and buzz through Facebook and Twitter.  Essentially, a scientist lives in the museum for 30 days and shares his learnings through social media.  It is a smart way to get people involved and interested in being a part of the museum instead of simply telling them to visit in a print ad. 

I enjoyed the next speaker, Barry Krause, who reminded me of my days working at an advertising agency.  Our clients used to spend tons of money on direct mail (that went in the recycling bin or worse garbage) and prints ads in newspapers that are no longer read. Quickly advertising has evolved to websites, search engines, blogging and  live streaming.  It is interactive and accessible. It amazes me to watch how much has changed in the world of technology and advertising in the last 7 years. Krause said, “Advertising is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in, it is about being what people are interested in.”

I always find these type of events to be cliquey, as in everyone knows each other except for you as you wander to find a table to sit at for lunch.  Today I realized if you are there, you have to be somewhat social and it is interesting to learn other people’s stories.  Chick-Fil-A provided lunch and as a virgin I was impressed.  Yet, I’ve heard rumors that the company are not supportive of gays, which confuses me. 

In the end, I’m glad I took the time to go to The Social Media Masters Summit.  I feel new energy and enthusiasm and am excited about the places this blog can be taken.

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