Monday Mantra: Carpe Diem

Monday Mantra: Carpe Diem

My family and I acknowledged the first weekend of October by taking a road trip to County Line Orchard in Hobart, Indiana to go apple picking.  It was a beautiful fall day without a cloud in the sky and I felt so much calmer than I do in the city.   We filled bags with Red Delicious, ran through a corn maze and rode a Moo Choo Train surrounded by fresh air.   At one point I looked over at my satisfied offspring and even though I was behind the camera taking photos, I reminded myself to stop and absorb a mental snapshot of the moment.

Then I thought about Donna.  Donna was a beautiful girl who lost her life way too soon to cancer.  Her mother chronicled her last 31 months in her painfully honest blog.  I never met Donna or her mother, but they have taught me so much.  More than anything, I’ve learned to seize the day.  Donna and her parents did that by dancing, going to school, the zoo and being together up until The End.

Today’s mantra is Carpe Diem, a Latin term translated to seize the day, made popular by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.  You really never know if today will be your or a loved one’s last day.  I sadly read these tragic stories over and over again of women (and men) losing their partners, children, sisters and best friends out of nowhere.

I try never to let my husband leave the house without telling him. “I love you.”  What if it is the last time?  I read a September 11th tribute about Rachel Uchitel, the lady famous for being one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses,  who lost her fiance in the 9/11 attacks.  When her beau was leaving that morning she said she couldn’t kiss him because she had just put lip stick on and then never kissed him again.  Can you imagine?

Today try to live in the moment and tell those that you love how much they mean to you.  You never know what could happen tomorrow.

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