Mark Bosworth Missing Since September 16

Mark Bosworth Missing Since September 16

A 54 year old blue eyed avid cycler and two time cancer survivor was volunteering for a bike Oregon Event.  On September 16th he was last seen near his tent and has been missing since then.  Thousands of volunteers have searched the area and received no clues about where Mark Bosworth is.  He does not have his wallet, identification or a working phone with him.

Bosworth complained of headaches and exhibited strange behavior the days and weeks up to the event. His wife Julie made an appointment with his doctor to see him after the race.  His doctor thinks his cancer may have spread to his brain and he is confused about who he is and where he lives.  Therefore he may have hitchhiked and can be anywhere.

I’ve been following this story on my friend Katie’s and Find Mark’s  Facebook Page as Mark is her cousin.  Every day she and other family members and friends spend hours calling hospitals and keeping this story alive so Mark can be found. 

Julie recently wrote on her page, “My heart is full of gratitude for the compassion and the efforts of the community of people who have come together to find Mark and are still staying vigilant.  Thank you.”

Every day goes by and my heart hurts more and more for this man I never knew.  I shiver to imagine how those close to him feel.  Yet, they constantly impress me by staying positive and continuing the search to find Mark. 

Spreading this story can very well bring Mark home to his strong wife and two amazing daughters. I ask all my readers and internet friends to pass Mark Bosworth’s information on.  Imagine if your father, husband, cousin, friend, coworker was this loveable man who is worrying his family sick.  Let’s bring Mark Bosworth home. 

 Mark’s wife reminds us,  “I really do hope that everyone is holding their own loved ones especially close.”

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