I've Come Full Circle with Halloween Traditions

I've Come Full Circle with Halloween Traditions

My mom threw a Halloween Party for my sister and me when we were 7 and 9.   I can’t remember what we dressed as, but I remember both of my Grandmas came and dressed up in handmade M&M and Old Mother Hubbard costumes.  Well, maybe my Gram wasn’t Old Mother Hubbard, but she definitely wore a bonnet and carried a basket.  I wish those days were digital so I could easily find the photo. 

I remember playing the toilet paper mummy game and dipping our hands in peeled grapes that were meant to be eyeballs.  I wonder why my mom decided to throw us this time consuming, messy party.  Was it because we asked for it or she really loved celebrating Halloween? 

Clearly some of her festive enthusiasm towards Halloween has rubbed off on me.  Every year since my son was a baby, we have made ghost lollipops with Kleenex, string and a magic marker.  Last week we were picking up index cards for flashcards at Walgreens and he grabbed a bag of Tootsie Pops reminding  me we hadn’t made our Halloween Ghost Pops yet.

My boy is now almost six, but still scared at the graphic monsters and spooky music at Party City.  He’s intrigued by haunted houses, but I’m confident he would leave crying or traumatized.  Instead, we decided to create our own… Tunnel of Terror. 

It started out with an old dollhouse box accessorized with plastic spiders, string (aka guts) and a fish bowl of ramen noodles (obviously Frankenstein’s brain).  We danced to The Monster Mash and had some good old fashioned, creative fun. 

 Today will be busy with school parties and trick or treating tonight.  I’m dedicating the day to living vicariously through my little Minnie Mouse and Ghostbuster’s innocent eyes.  I’m trying not to focus on the gruesome realities and terror in our world today.  Instead I’ll remember my First Grade self bobbing for apples with my friends.

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