Let's Welcome The Rosie Show to Chicago

Let's Welcome The Rosie Show to Chicago

Is it a life long dream to be on stage with Rosie O’Donnell? Wear a bedazzled Rosie shirt.

The ladies with the colorful handmade sparkle shirts got to be seated first, in the front row and later went on stage to play a newlywed type game with mother and daughter pairs against Sharon and Kelly Osbourne.  The Osbournes won proving how connected they really are and gave their cookware to a front row audience member, claiming they never go in the kitchen.

I’ve always been a Rosie fan.  I remember coming home from school when I was in a stressful bubble of cliques during 7th Grade to watch The Rosie O’Donnell Show.  She always felt approachable, kind, generous and authentic.  I looked forward to the light hearted hour to let go off the adolescent drama.  Rosie ended the show after six seasons to spend time with her 4 young children and I went off to college and grew up.

As a stay at home mom, I DVR’d every episode of Rosie on The View and loved her honesty and relevant humor.  I also admired the candid video blogs she posted with her hairstylist in her dressing room before taping The View.

Three years ago I was pregnant with my daughter and Rosie came to a nearby art store to promote her new craft book.  My son, my sister and I waited in an outdoor line in a strip mall to meet the star.   Like a dream, someone walks up to us and states that Rosie is allowing all pregnant women to the front of the line.  We strutted ahead of the crowd and met her.  She was genuine and chatted about her leggings and my pregnancy and handed my son a stuffed bunny as we said our goodbyes.


Now it is 2011 and Rosie is in Chicago.  Yesterday my old co-worker turned friend and I waited in line outside Harpo Studios to see a taping of The Rosie Show that aired Monday night on OWN.  Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Boyz II Men were her guests.  Rosie’s funny opening monologue was my favorite segment because it was improvised and didn’t seem scripted like every other show on television these days.   She asked audience members for questions during breaks and answered each one with thought, humor and truth.  There didn’t seem to be fake diva behavior that I’ve seen in other talk show hosts.

I hope The Rosie Show is successful and she tapes here in our city for many years.  Are you proud to have Rosie as a Chicagoan?


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  • I wonder where she is sending her kids to school?

  • In reply to Christine Whitley:

    I think I read that her kids are staying in New York with her ex-partner for school.

  • Yeah, Rosie! I didn't know you met her before Beth! Or I don't remember that, anyway. : ) Thanks again - I had a blast. : )

  • I have loved Rosie since her first show also. I can't wait to get to taping and I actually bought an official Rosie Koosh Fling Shot from ebay to take with me!!!

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