How to Keep Squirrels away from Pumpkins and Costco Turkeys

How to Keep Squirrels away from Pumpkins and Costco Turkeys

Somehow I blinked and the world changed from bright, colorful fall days to windy, chilly, bitter autumn and today is back to sunny and warm.  This week I  turned on the butt warmer in my car for the first time and bought by daughter a winter jacket.  Just like my kids being unpredictable, fall weather seems similar; I never know what I’ll get.

Halloween is looming and sadly one of our outdoor ghosts got stolen last weekend.  I can see how it would be tempting to those leaving the bar at 3:30 a.m. 

We haven’t done pumpkins yet this year.  The reason is the squirrels always eat our pumpkins.  Anyone know of a way to keep the animals away?   After the tedious time it takes to carve the intricate jack o lanterns, it is quite frustrating to come home and see a bite taken out between the eyes, creating a Cyclops.  We will most likely pick up some pumpkins this weekend to carve, mainly so I can make salty pumpkin seeds.  It wouldn’t be Halloween without them.

Since we are thinking about Halloween, naturally Thanksgiving is on the horizon.  In the past I’ve always bought my turkey from Paulina Market.  But, this year I might switch to Costco after a mom at school raved they had the best turkeys in the area.   Have you had a Costco turkey before?  I’m pretty confident that it will taste delicious; it is more the Costco crowd I’m concerned about.  Have you ever seen the pushing and fighting to get a tiny sample of an eggroll?  And I’ve seen a full on battle for just out of the rotisserie chickens. 

It is officially fall and I’m kind of loving it.  Colorful trees, scarfs and chai tea are my favorite parts about this time of year.  What do you like most about autumn?


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