Storing Up for the Winter and Drying Herbs

Storing Up for the Winter and Drying Herbs

The air is crisp and my wardrobe has switched from sun dresses to jeans and scarfs; it is quite clear fall is not far behind.  This also means the end of my garden for the season.  I have had  much success with my herbs this summer using them in almost every dish I’ve prepared from salads to smoothies.

Never before have I tried to dry my herbs, but this year I’m giving it an attempt.  Friends suggested buying a dehydrator as a faster method for drying herbs, vegetables and fruits, but for now I’m going to try the old fashion hanging upside down approach.

I simply cut handfuls of rosemary, chives, oregano, thyme, mint and lavender and tied with rope and hung in my basement.  It is nothing fancy and I have more fresh herbs to dry if this run is successful.

How long will these herbs need to hang before they are dried out and ready to jar?  I’m in no rush as my musty basement has never smelled better.

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