Remembering September 11th: Link Up Your Posts Here

Remembering September 11th: Link Up Your Posts Here

My son recently printed out a September calendar and asked my husband and me why September 11th is “a holiday.” We patiently attempted to explain that it is a day to honor heroes who lost their lives on that date.  My son, like most curious children, asked his favorite word, “why?”

“Well,” I started and paused.

What else could I say? Ten years ago before my Kindergartner was even an idea; this horrific, tragic event unfolded, as if it was yesterday.  I remember where I stood in my office conference room as I watched in horror as buildings collapsed in real time. I remember repeatedly calling my friends in New York and greeted by an all circuits busy message.  I remember staying awake for hours crying for families desperately searching for their lost children, parents, partners and loved ones.

Maybe I should be honest and tell my son my memories, but why would I want to bring that pain, fear and stress on my young, innocent child?

I can only wish he never has to witness a day comparable in his lifetime.

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I’ve read many amazing posts remembering September 11, 2011.  I thought it would be a meaningful tribute to put all the posts in one place to honor the victims and heroes.  Please link your posts up below.  Thank you.


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  • I did the link, thanks for doing this!! What a great idea!

  • In reply to teporama:

    Thank you, I appreciate it! I'm hoping we get many more great posts.

  • Yes! What teporama said. Thank you!

  • I'm #13. Don't know how I feel about that :)

    Thanks for compiling this list!

  • Thanks Beth! Great idea!

  • Two completely different memories ...

    As I drove the Turnpike I could see the Towers aflame. From the window of the building in Clifton I watched a small private plane, unbelievably, take off from Teterboro. Literally within seconds two F16s surrounded it. I was certain I would witness it being shot out of the sky. But it turned around and went back. I watched the entire episode in disbelief and shock.

    I returned home to Chicago in October - in no small measure to reassure my 4 children that I was in fact okay. As my then 10 yr old son and I drove somewhere, a plane flew overhead. He said, "Wouldn't it be something if the plane fell out of the sky?" I sat, stunned, not knowing what to say. Finally, I blurted, "So do you think about that a lot?" "Yes," was his soft reply.

    If I ever had a doubt ... I knew that day that America would be forever changed.

  • Thank you all for your eloquently told stories.

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