Monday Mantras: Choose Happiness

Monday Mantras: Choose Happiness

I’ve learned more than I could have imagined from my weekly Meatless Monday posts. My family and I have eaten new foods and learned how flavorful herbs and vegetables can be.  I still intend to observe Meatless Mondays and continue to share recipes, but weekly posts are on hiatus until I become inspired instead of obligated.

In its place, I’m introducing Monday Mantras.  I found the definition below from Wikipedia.

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation” (cf. spiritual transformation).[1] Its use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.[

For me mantras manifest in many forms.  Some days one word can motivate me, whereas other days it maybe lyrics, a quote or phrase that I repeat to encourage myself.  I’m introducing a weekly mantra to focus the week in a direction of positivity.  I would love for suggestions of mantras that inspire you.

This week’s mantra is: Choose Happiness.

I love to wear the above necklace from The Rusted Chain.  As I move throughout my day, the beads make a gentle sound as they bounce off each other.   I feel the weight of the words on my chest and remember to think before I make decisions.

There are many times when life doesn’t go as planned and I can choose to be frustrated, angry or sad.  When I am reminded to choose happiness, I search out the good in the moment and strive to learn.

Have you found the good, in bad situations? Do you use mantras in your daily life?


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  • I love the Monday Mantras idea! I use several mantras/inspirational thoughts that I keep posted around my home. Some of my favorites:
    -It's not about me.
    -Love is patient, love is kind.
    -When you do something for the wrong reason, you won't do it for long.
    -Speak to your problems, not about them.

    I love 'choose happiness' and look forward to Monday Mantras!

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