Monday Mantra: Do Unto Others As You Want Others to Do Unto You

Monday Mantra: Do Unto Others As You Want Others to Do Unto You
Over 5000 boxes were delivered Sunday.

Yesterday morning my family and many other volunteers of all ages delivered five thousand Rosh Hashanah baskets to those in need.  We visited homes of grateful recipients thrilled to receive boxes containing challah, eggs, chicken, wine, apples, honey, candles and more.  They eagerly shared photos of their grandchildren, chatted and offered us candy.

Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago did a fabulous job organizing this effort.  It was rewarding to do something for others and a joy to share this mitzvah with my young children.  It is vital to remind our little ones about charity and helping others; especially in this day and age of over consumption.

Today is Mantra Monday and I’m repeating the familiar quote, “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.” This mantra applies to everyday actions such as complimenting a neighbor, putting down the electronics and really listening to your family members or providing food for the less fortunate.  Wouldn’t you hope these gestures would be replicated in return?  How do you do unto others?

For a rainy Sunday morning, it seemed very bright to be selfless and give to others.

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  • A great mantra to live by and teach our children! I see 'interruptions' during my day as opportunities to help someone else out. A couple of weeks ago, an elderly lady at the grocery store talked to me for a while about the hurt she was experiencing with her daughter. After she vented, she hugged me and said, "Thanks for listening."

    Helping someone doesn't necessarily need to be with gifts or money (although it is greatly appreciated). A friendly smile and a listening ear can go a really long way!

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