Meatless Monday: When You Don't Have the Time or Energy to Cook

Meatless Monday: When You Don't Have the Time or Energy to Cook
Easy Peasy Arugula Ravioli

I know a lot of you don’t cook.  Maybe you live alone or don’t have the time, money or energy.  I understand.  There are many days I avoiding preparing meals for one of those reasons.  Just because you don’t watch Top Chef, doesn’t mean you can’t eat meatless and delicious meals.

Trader Joe’s strength is in their prepared and frozen items. I don’t recommend Trader Joe’s for produce as I’ve thrown away many moldy peaches and strawberries  Also, their website is not very helpful.  I was hoping to find photos and links to share these items with you, but unfortunately none were available.

The Arugula Ravioli takes ten minutes from start to finish.  Boil water, drop pasta in for 3 minutes, drain and then drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Tomatoes, spinach, basil or Parmesan cheese would add to the meal, if you have them available.

Chile and Cheese Tamales come frozen and wrapped in an inedible corn husk.  All they require is  three minutes in the microwave, and voila ready to enjoy.  I put Rick Bayless’ green avocado lime salsa, that can be bought at Whole Foods, on top. It is  a warm, substantial and flavorful meal for lunch, dinner or even a snack.

My super lazy go to spot is  Jimmy Johns.  They are quick, cheap and pleases the whole family.  The low key spot offers a hearty veggie sandwich with cheese, sprouts, tomato, cucumber avocado spread on fresh multi-grain bread. For the times you can’t even get out of the house, they deliver to your doorstep.

Native Foods recently opened two locations in Chicago; Wicker Park and Lakeview.  This vegan restaurant promises you will not leave hungry offering a large, diverse menu.  My highlight are the kid’s meals.  Now, this is what a happy meal should look like.

What do you eat for Meatless Monday when you aren’t in the mood to cook?

In unrelated news, there is an awful odor inside my car that can not be discovered.  I’ve looked under the seats, car seats, trunk and nothing is to be found.  I’m heading to the car wash this morning hoping they can solve this mystery, or at least mask the gag worthy smell.  Any guess of what is living inside my vehicle?

I hope your week starts off well.

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