Instead of Medicine, Try Yoga First

Instead of Medicine, Try Yoga First

I very rarely get sick, I credit eating healthy and drinking a lot of water.  But, over the weekend I got a cold.  Maybe it was the changing of the seasons or germs from going to McDonalds, but it happened.  I tried to somewhat rest on Saturday and Sunday, but Monday I did not want to miss a favorite class, that I rarely have the opportunity to go to.  I was stuffy and wondered how I would be able to breathe through my nose, and was unsure how my body would handle the Level 3 class.

The sticky room was unusually crowded and I scored a space in the back corner.  As we began breathing and setting an intention for class; I hoped for peace.  Not sure why, but that was what immediately popped into my head.  Peace for my body and my mind.  I hoped to feel better physically and find peace in the rest of my day.

As class progressed, I realized my nose seemed to clear up and my breath was strong and clear.  My throat was no longer sore and my headache had disappeared.  I continued to flow through my practice energized and strong through headstands, twists and back bends.

After class I stood spirited and healthy.  Yes, I still had a cold, but it for sure felt better than lying in bed.

This is the not the first time yoga has “cured” me.  I’ve reluctantly gone to class with a sore neck, wrists, headache, stomach pains and exhaustion.  Every single time I’m thankful for yoga.  Of course my practice might still need to be modified.  By simply getting on my mat and breathing I’m healing myself.

Every week my prenatal students enter class complaining of  hip or back pain or talking of their insomnia and stress.  There is little greater joy then their smile after class letting me know they feel relief from their discomfort and pain.

I’ve read a lot how yoga cures depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders. I’m in awe how some struggle for years balancing different medications and therapies and once they discover yoga finally begin to feel peace.  I know this is not the case for everyone, yet amazing how our body can heal through meditation and asana.

Today I am so, so tired. I envision myself dropping off my daughter at preschool and heading home to my bed for a cozy nap.  In reality I know I should head to the yoga studio and sink into my mat instead.

What has yoga helped you with?

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