Try Something New: Fly Yoga

Try Something New: Fly Yoga

I sauntered into the second floor studio of the storefront ID Gym on Lincoln Avenue and observed blue scarfs hanging from the ceiling.  I was unsure what I signed up for, but excited to understand what the silk fabric is capable of.

The fun hour class included sun salutations, warrior 1, 2 and 3, handstands, back-bends, pigeon and twists, all using the scarf suspended from the ceiling.  Surprisingly, it almost seemed easier as the material was secure and I felt confident it would hold me during balance and inversions.  I was able to get much deeper into stretches and felt an intense pull in my shoulders and upper back.  Fly Yoga is a graceful cross between circus arts, yoga and gymnastics.

At the end of class, we sat inside our prop and pulled the fabric around our body as we prepared for savasana.  In this cocoon I could not see anyone or anything around me and was forced to look within.  The hammock swayed from side to side and I wanted to stay there forever.

The class was a nice change of pace from a usual yoga class, yet similar benefits.  I paid $24 for a drop in class, which I think is a lot for an hour.  Packages are available for a reduced rate.


Unrelated, I’m humbled to announce that little old me was nominated for a Most Valuable Chicago Blogger Award.  My blog started as an outlet for an isolated stay at home mom and has evolved into a passion that you actually read!  You can vote for me here and as always thank you for reading and supporting me.


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