Meatless Monday: Thai Cantaloupe Salad

Meatless Monday: Thai Cantaloupe Salad

After last week’s juicy Watermelon Tomato Feta Salad, I’ve been fascinated by the savory and sweet combination of fruits and vegetables. I had some leftover cantaloupe that needed to be eaten.  By the time I cut it up, it tasted like sugar and sticky orange juice flooded my countertop. As a side note: ripe cantaloupe is a falsely underrated fruit.

I found a recipe on my iPhone in an app called SparkRecipes.  Since the cantaloupe was super sweet, I didn’t see the need to add sugar, didn’t have a jalapeno and substituted cucumbers.  The simple recipe primarily combined lime juice and fish sauce.  I’m struggling to describe the refreshing taste, but I can tell you it was hard to stop eating.

Here is what you need:

1 cantaloupe cut up

1 cucumber peeled and cut

1/3 cup basil cut in thin strips

3 tsp. lime juice

1.5 tsp. fish sauce



After typing this, I realize fish sauce doesn’t sound meatless and discover it is made from anchovies.   What could be a substitue for fish sauce; it has a very strong intense flavor.  Maybe soy sauce or vinegar?

Do you have any recipes for salads that combine fruit and veggies?  Let’s savor them now as the season is sadly nearing a close.


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  • Great blog! I'm determined not to slip into the same boring dinner routine this winter (chicken, steak, boring vegetable, boring salad, etc), and plan to use your blog and it's resources to help.

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