Back To School: It's Really Happening

Back To School: It's Really Happening

I’ve been living in la la land savoring summer and ignoring all the Back to School phenomenon surrounding me.   Last night that all came to a screeching halt when I went to Kindergarten Orientation.  Suddenly my mind is swarming with packing lunches, filling out forms and scheduling.

A fellow Chicago Now blog, Raising Hell or Raising Them listed some useful tips about getting organized and preparing yourself.  My son is eager to begin to school.  He sat in the front row of the meeting glued to the principal’s every word, eager to get started.  He was hoping he could eat in the cafeteria last night at the meeting.  That is a good thing; I don’t have to worry about his anxieties.  My anxieties, I do need to be concerned about.

What do kid’s get in their lunch boxes these days?  My lunches were brown paper bags filled with peanut butter sandwiches, fruit roll-ups and Capri Sun. Peanut butter is no longer allowed in schools due to allergies and I would never allow my child to eat the cavity  filled sugary snacks with zero nutritional value.  Especially when he needs to be alert and not jacked up on sugar, so he can learn.  Do kids still get juice in their lunch?  My son usually drinks water, do I pack a thermos?  I laugh at my not so serious dilemmas.

I loved when my mom slipped a handwritten note in my sack.  I’m excited to start that tradition with my boy. Will he even see the note or will he more interested in discussing superheroes with his buddies?

I’m excited.  My boy is excited.

Here we go entering into a new chapter.

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