Yoga in Your Everyday Actions

 Yoga in Your Everyday Actions

I’ve been thinking about a quote that caught my eye on twitter;

“Yoga is 10% asana (or poses), and 90% everything else.”

My yoga practice lately seems really deep and intense.  Not because of my morning sun salutations or my ability to bind in side angle pose,  but because I am living and breathing the philosophies of yoga.

I’m using yoga in how I parent, make decisions, interact with others and live.  I’m appreciating the moment.  While I sit outside amongst my garden with the sun, beating on my bare shoulders watching my kids’ tease and tickle one other, I feel grateful.

Social action is a part of yoga that is continued off the mat.  Honesty seems to be lacking around me lately.  Every time I read headlines of Casey Anthony or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or see my son being deceitful, I become frustrated.  I try to be truthful in the way I treat others and myself.

I use yoga in how I handle stress.  I can choose to become anxious about an upcoming flight, dilemna or dinner party.  Or I can choose to breathe and just be and let the moment happen.

When a student asks me after class how they did, it truly is a question I cannot answer.  Yoga is within and each individual needs to push themselves to their own limit, yet know when to loosen up and just be, both physically and mentally.

When do you use yoga in your everyday life?



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