Our Family's Summer To Do List

Our Family's Summer To Do List

Yesterday we had a spontaneous picnic lunch at the zoo.  Simple sandwiches, a ripped blanket from my trunk, under a tree in the shade.  It was so easy and satisfying that I began thinking of what else I want to squeeze into this summer.

1.  Movies in the Park.  Chicago Park District plays movies at  many city parks throughout the summer. The list includes Shrek Forever After, Wizard of Oz and Iron Man and the parks cover neighborhoods all over the city.  The movies begin at dusk which right now is around 8:30.  My kids go to bed around then, but my son is obsessed with movies and would totally be capable of staying up late to be mesmerized by an outdoor movie.

2.  Hamlin Park Pool. Another blog on Chicago Now wrote about public pools and it intrigued my interest.  My kids and I checked out the pool and it looked clean, spacious and in great condition.  My little Energizer Bunny’s wanted to go immediately, but alas we weren’t wearing our  bathing suits.  We did pick up a copy of the schedule and it is hanging on the bulletin board, ready when we are.

I’m only a little concerned if I will be able to safely keep track on my kids that don’t know how to swim.  Also, I have heard from two parents that the water is super cold.  On the plus side, it is free, and what is better than free fun?


3.  Farmer’s Markets. We frequent The Green City Market, and while it is amazing it isn’t around the corner. Also, there is that whole towing thing.  My pie in the sky dream is to create a Roscoe Village Farmer’s Market, but the Alderman has not returned my email or calls.

I hope to visit some of the other neighborhoods’ markets.  Lincoln Square has one Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings and Wicker Park and Logan Square offer a market on Sundays.   Besides the fact that I love to buy the freshest produce possible, my children are learning where our food comes from, and my son thinks it is super cool that the people selling the vegetables are farmers.

4.  Pirate’s Cove.  This is outside the city in Elk Grove Village, which is about 10 miles from O’Hare.  This theme park is part of The Elk Grove Park District and includes a pirate ship, rides, trains and a climbing apparatus.  We have never been there, but I think it has potential for a successful summer outing.

I can’t believe we are already into July.  What is on your To-Do-List for the summer?

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