Is It Worth It To Complain?

Is It Worth It To Complain?

My mind is constantly thinking of ideas to write about.  Only sometimes do those concepts make it to my computer.

Today I have nothing.


I considered writing about how our basement flooded on Friday night and our air conditioning is broken.

I thought about telling the story of how my daughter is obsessed with band-aids.

Or about how I still need a babysitter come fall.


None of those topics really seem important and frankly a little whiny.  I click over to and read local headlines.


A Daylight Shooting at Wilson/Broadway

Oak Lawn Man Charged in sex assault of 93-year-old

Women with Cerebral Palsy Missing from South Side

These are all happening now.  Why I’m stressing about my musky smelling basement and my resistant to become potty trained child? It all seems so insignificant when I read the real sadness that is happening in our city and our world  every day.

It is life, our reality.

What can we do the help?

We can appreciate all the light we do see: the love, health, possessions and family.

We can try to be respectful, truthful and kind to others.

What are our other options?



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  • I say get real! It is perfectly okay to complain when things are wrong...and celebrate when things go well. It is also appropriate to be empathic to those who are suffering and be grateful for individual blessings. I think a range of emotions is honest and authentic.

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